​'Independence Friendly' MGA/AGAs

The following MGA/AGAs have proudly and publicly declared themselves to be 'Independence Friendly', and have signed the IFB 'Declaration of Independence', which reads:

All brokers who hold a contract with this agency can do so with the knowledge that it supports an independent broker's right to hold contracts with any other MGA/AGA that he/she deems appropriate, and to place life insurance business through the MGA/AGA of his/her choosing. By signing the 'Declaration of Independence' and declaring itself 'Independence Friendly', the MGA/AGAs listed below assert that they:

  • Offer an environment in which independent brokers can source the products and services most appropriate for his/her clients free from undue pressure or influence.
  • Allow their contracted brokers to take Errors and Omissions coverage through the supplier of his/her choosing.
  • Do not now have in place, nor do they contemplate introducing in future, a policy which would restrict the independence of brokers who place business through it.

The MGA/AGAs listed below further certify that, should a 'captive broker' policy be contemplated in future, these MGA/AGAs will provide its brokers with a minimum of six (6) months notice of this intention and vow not to impede any broker who then chooses to move his/her business elsewhere as a result of such a policy.

The following MGAs have signed the IFB Declaration:

  • Abbott Financial

  • Abex Brokerage Services Inc.

  • Abex Central Financial Services Ltd.

  • Allen Wong & Associates

  • BFG Financial (Ontario) Inc.

  • BG Life Brokerage Inc.

  • Canada Loyal Financial Services

  • Canada Loyal Insurance

  • Canada Loyal Securities

  • Copoloff Insurance Agencies Inc.

  • CSU Canadian Specialty Underwriting

  • Customplan Financial Advisors Inc.

  • Daystar Financial Group Inc.

  • DMR Financial Services

  • Ducharme Financial Group

  • Estate Financial Inc.

  • FAB Financial Advisors Brokerage Group Inc.

  • Faiella Financial Group

  • Financial Horizons

  • Financial Value Inc.

  • FSE Financial Group Inc.

  • GFC Global Financial Corp.

  • Global Pacific Financial Services Ltd.

  • iAnchor Group Inc.

  • IDC Financial Inc

  • Insurmax Inc.

  • IPG Insurance Inc.

  • K.E. Plante Insurance

  • Kabis & Assoc.

  • Kinnell Insurance & Financial Inc.

  • KP Financial Security Brokerage Inc.

  • Legacy Investment Management Inc.

  • Lundgren & Young Insurance

  • Megacorp Insurance Agencies Inc.

  • National Brokerage Group Inc.

  • New Dimension Underwriters Ltd.

  • Oakville Financial

  • Ontario East Insurance Agency Ltd.

  • Optio Financial Facilitators Inc.

  • Paradigm Financial Advisors Inc.

  • Peak Insurance Services

  • Queensbury Insurance Brokers Inc.

  • Ray Hansen & Assoc. Ltd.

  • RG Packman & Assoc. Ltd.

  • Robert Green & Associates

  • Robertson Financial

  • Strategic Brokerage Services

  • Strategic Wealth Planning Inc.

  • Taylor Financial

  • Ten Star Life Insurance Brokers Inc.

  • The Benefit Guys

  • Valley-Wide Financial

  • WCS Financial Services

  • WCS Financial Services (Cambridge)

  • Wheatfield Financial Group

  • Wise Riddell Financial Group (Barrie) Ltd.

Stand Up and Be Counted

If you are an MGA/AGA who supports independence, click here to download the IFB 'Declaration of Independence'. Return your signed Declaration to IFB to be listed on this webpage.