Why you should join IFB

IFB is the professional association for people like you. We understand not only how you do business, but why you choose to be independent. IFB was established in 1985, right around the time that independent brokerage came into being, and we've remained committed to independence ever since. And that's exactly what makes us different. We look at regulatory issues and changes exclusively from the viewpoint of the independent broker. Only independent brokers can be full voting members of IFB, and it's their voices that drive us forward and inform our positions on the issues of the day. Why? Well, that's pretty simple - you just can't serve two masters. We don't represent bank employees and captive agents, we represent the independent broker. We represent you. Here's what you'll receive as an IFB member:

Access to a first-rate E&O program that is designed for independent brokers, by independent brokers

When it comes to E&O, we believe that our members should be able to have it all: low rates, broad coverage, excellent service - the whole nine yards. It's safe to say that managing our E&O program, the cornerstone of our membership benefits, is a huge focus for us, and we never stop working to make sure it's the very best product available for independent brokers. That's the power of buying as a group.

Compliance support and industry information

One of the challenges of being independent is that you often don't have a compliance department to lean on so that you can make sure you've got all your T's crossed and I's dotted. That's where IFB comes in. We provide you with regular updates on regulatory issues through our member magazine, The Independent, on our website, and via our educational events. We'll be your compliance department, but we won't take up any space in your office, and you don't even have to invite us to your holiday parties (although we're free, if you'd like to).

Non-partisan continuing education opportunities

IFB holds educational events, both big and small, in various centres across Canada. Our three 'fixed' events are the Alberta Summit (held in Calgary), the BC Summit (held in the Vancouver area), and the Toronto Summit. In addition to these, we hold smaller one day events in various locations. We even do house calls! If an MGA or other similar group has a number of brokers interested in hearing more about IFB, we can arrange for personalized presentations on things like anti-money laundering legislation, E&O insurance, and more. And best of all, members always get the best price to attend these events, as well as preferred registration should an event sell out.

Targeted regulatory representation

As we mentioned above, IFB speaks with one voice -- and that's the voice of the independent. We look at every issue from one perspective: how will this impact independent brokers. And when we see a regulatory initiative that we think will hurt your business, we fight hard to stop it.

Discounts on things that help you work smarter

We don't want to become a big bureaucracy, so IFB has modelled itself on the kinds of businesses our members operate: lean, entrepreneurial, and customer (or, in our case, member) focused. One of the ways we do this is to partner with third party suppliers in order to offer a range of benefits on things like cellular phones and rate plans, course leading to the CFP designation, mutual fund courses, and online CE, as well as discounts on the CCH Canadian Financial Planning library, to name just a few. And, because we know you like to relax sometimes, too, we also arrange for special member pricing to things like Toronto Raptors basketball games and other events.

Value for your hard-earned dollar

We know you have a lot of demands on limited resources, so we keep our membership fees low - just $199 a year (plus tax). Sound good to you? Then get started on your membership application.

Membership fees

A full year's membership is only $199 (plus tax) - much less than most other professional associations! Pro-rated fees are available for new members joining during the membership year. To get started on your membership application, click here.